[bf1942] DC 0.7 and contentcrc32.con

Pencil pencil42 at comcast.net
Tue Feb 10 21:20:30 EST 2004

A related question - what does a mod have to do to support content checking?
Are the instructions posted at
http://www.planetbattlefield.com/dcfaq/contentcheck.html complete, or is
there more that needs to be done?  I seem to remember problems with getting
content checking working with the 1.4 patch.
I'm working on finishing up EoD 0.3, and it would be nice if we could
support content checking.

Thanks in advance,
Eve of Destruction developer

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> No, no, this is not the point at all.
> The steps described earlier on are enough if the mod supports content
> checking.
> The contentcrc32 files are ONLY used by the dedicated server.
> The issue here is that the DC mod doesn't support content check at all so
> just
> building the CRC files will not help.
> // ANdreas

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