[bf1942] Map change process leak with 1.6rc2

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Mon Feb 9 15:23:11 EST 2004

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From: "AthlonRob" <AthlonRob at axpr.net>

> Looking back at the original email Steve sent, he said he was having the
> problem with the Linux server, but the problem also broke his Win32
> looping batch file, so I went off trying to fix both at once...  :-)
> Anyway... if the primary issue is with Linux... or that's the only one
> you care about, any inherent reliability issues should be lost.

The issue with the linux side is just zombie processes nothing else
but with with 4 servers on a machine they do add up with 2 per map
change eventually requireing a reboot which is not a good situation

I really should have sent to seperate emails to avoid the confusion.

> If the command line changes for the different servers running on the
> same host, you'll have a seperate controlling script already for each
> server, right?  You're relying on moving to the next line of your bash
> file to determine if the server is alive or dead... when it is alive,
> the next line never comes.  When it is dead, the line does come.

Not really we have a perl script which runs all and its totally generic
not just for bf but for all games and both platforms.

> Let's say you're running your A instance with (and I'm pulling this
> syntax out of my ass, I'm sure it is not correct) "./bf1942_lnxded +port
> 12345" ... ok?  The second one with +port 23456.

As I said in the last email it would all work appart from the fact that
there is no ps that I know of that can give you that information on
win32 :(  If there was I would already have such a temporary
workaround in place :P

    Steve / K

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