DC 0.7 and contentcrc32.con

40Gb 40gb at free.fr
Sun Feb 8 15:08:58 EST 2004

Hi all,

I have a dedicated Linux BF42 server 1.6 and the DC 0.7 maps.

After install of DC 0.7 maps, on the server, the contentcrc32.con file is 
not present in the /bf1942/mods/desertcombat/ directory

After install of DC 0.7 maps on BF42 client (under Windows), 
contentcrc32.con is not present in  the C:\Program Files\EA GAMES
\Battlefield 1942\Mods\DesertCombat\ directory

So, I have generated getcrc-DesertCombat.bat with the client using the 
commmand: BF1942.EXE +game DesertCombat +generateMapListForCrcContent 1

I have generated contentcrc32.con launching getcrc-DesertCombat.bat

I have copied contentcrc32.con in C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 
1942\Mods\DesertCombat\ and in /bf1942/mods/desertcombat/ directories

I have tried using "game.serverContentCheck 2" in serversettings.con file 
of the server, but now way, I have the message "Data differ from server !" 
when I try to connect

So, is it possible to use contentcrc32.con ans content checking with DC 0.7 

What is the game.serverUnpureMods "" option in serversettings.con ?

Thx a lot

I use this source for contentchecking: 

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