[bf1942] Changing maps in game..

Craig Kaiser scumbucket at cox.net
Sun Feb 8 14:43:49 EST 2004

Well how many cheaters have you caught?

We have busted 12 since the release of BF1.6 & PB.

Do not get me wrong, I very pro PB, it is just alot of players are getting
kicked at the moment due to updating issues.

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> Craig Kaiser wrote:
> >Well stated there Rick on PunkBuster.
> >
> >Is it worth all the current problems? I had high hopes for this software,
> >and I hope more info on using, updating and accessing this using linux is
> >published soon!
> >
> >
> >
> >
> Yes its worth it, we've noticed a huge difference in the scores of
> suspected cheaters.

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