[bf1942] Changing maps in game..

Rick Thompson fortweb at fortweb.com
Sun Feb 8 05:06:57 EST 2004

We are also running the new BFRemote with BF1.6 and DC.7, no problems 
what-so-ever. Installed and configured just like we always do with separate 
dir structure for each server (makes more sense than overlays on our 
network) the only thing we did different was dropped the +game 
bf1942/desertcombat from the daemon startup line... works great.

BF1.6 and DC .7 are both also great releases this time, I see some much 
needed improvements have been implemented, thank you for the lower case 

Now punkbuster on the other hand is poorly documented at best in a helter 
skelter sort of way with a confusing website and patches that may or may 
not be needed (who freaking knows with the existing docs) at 
http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=dl-bf1942.php. The pbweb.x86 
manual update tool seg faults with the first lib file on RH 7.3, 8 and 9 
machines so it is basically non-functional and I don't know if our server 
is running current software or not. There is a bug that makes the PB web 
panel not accessible after the first mapchange so our clients don't have 
access to this tool 
and yes, I had to search out that information after struggling with it for 
a couple hours because the poor documentation makes no mention of it not 
working and in fact, says it does work.

I am very disappointed in PB and submit that this software (at least on the 
PB end) was not even close to being ready for primetime. If they can't 
release a working piece of software then they should not release it. We 
dumped a dozen HL servers a few months ago because of the excessive cpu 
usage and because it had went from an easy to manage package to an admins 
nightmare with weekly updates of the server and God knows what other 
support software that was routinely broken with poorly written, not ready 
for release Valve updates. So far BF has been a welcome change from that 
mess but were not going to start it all over again because of PB.


At 01:28 AM 2/8/2004 -0700, you wrote:

>Just thought I'd pass along to any Linux server admins who may have used
>this in the past, that www.blackbagops.com, has released a working version
>of BFRemote Manager that works with BF1.6/DC.7.  I've successfully been able
>to use it to change the server over to El Alamein where I could not change
>over to El Alamein previously.
>It works flawlessly on my Redhat9 system.  Feel free to check out my server,
>     WhoCares?  a.k.a. Rich.
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> > >Thanks for the detailed explanation. I wonder if DC 0.7 has this support?
> > >Anyone tried since upgrading? (I still haven't updated yet - giving the
> > >players time to get hold of the patch file first).
> >
> > DC 0.7 still suffers from this problem. I have yet to find a mod that
> >
> > But get this: all the day2 and day3 maps based on the vanilla BF maps
> > (Bocage, El Al, Kharkov, etc.) will change with no problem! What's the
> > difference here? I can't figure that one out.
> >
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