[bf1942] Changing maps in game..

James Gurney james at globalmegacorp.org
Sat Feb 7 12:57:16 EST 2004

PhoeniX wrote:
> lol... was late last night :-)
> of course it is admin.execremotecommand "admin.changemap el_alamein GPM_CQ
> bf1942"
> That means the Server is changing to the Map El Alamein with gameplaymode
> Conquest and mod bf1942
> admin.changemap el_alamein GPM_CQ desertcombat
> is the same for the DesertCombat-Mod...

Yeah, but like I said, that doesn't work with DC. I know what the syntax 
*should* be, but it simply doesn't work. I'll try once I've updated to 
0.7 later.

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