bf1.6 rc2 + ContentCheck

Neil Scholten [KGN] neil at
Wed Feb 4 05:57:01 EST 2004

Hi Folks!

I´ve got a "big" (as usual) problem with my bf1942 server, related to the 
ContentCheck System.
I´m running the dynamic binary on a gentoo system with a 2.6 kernel. 
Actually i´ve got the problem, that I always get a "data differs from 
server" after the first map.

the first map, when I start the server (contentcheck 1, punkbuster 1) is 
always running without problems, but the 2nd map gives me that error. It 
doesn´t matter if the map is the same as the one worked before or not. 
always the 2nd ++ map gives this error. Anyone else gets this error? 
havn´t fount anything about.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Neil Scholten

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