Stefan Engbersen stonex at
Sun Feb 1 09:32:13 EST 2004


I'm setting up a few 1.6 servers atm on a dual xeon 2.66ghz with 2GB of ram.
In total there are 3 running, though users notice some warp lags and 
'connection problems' sometimes during up to 2 seconds, the ping and the 
of the server is OK.
What can this problem be ? Should I use the bfpridaemon? and how ? I'm 
running the servers on 3 different users, how should I let them use the 
same bfpridaemon ?
All servers weren't started with +priorityDaemon 1
Can this actually be the issue ? or should I look for something else.
Thanks for the help in forward..


Stefan Engbersen

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