[bf1942] Punkbuster error #10006

Thomas Kuerten nospam at oddlnet.de
Wed Dec 22 17:20:14 EST 2004

One month ago Punkbuster was starting to give me problems also, on a
previously flawlessly running Linux system (Redhat 8.0). Some people
were thrown out repeatedly and finally I myself, also, although
connected with a DSL high speed connection without any problems elswhere

It seems to me that this §%&"%&$%&$%&!!! Punkbuster Company just doesn't
know or check at all what they are doing. Sometimes their Server does
not respond in time, sometimes the client gets such a big update that it
doesn't download it in time unless it is connected to a T1. I tried
everything from manual updates to several other tweaks and I finally

Now we can play. That's what it's meant to be. LAG at the beginning of
each level is gone, too. If I really spot a cheater, then I ban him
manually. Or the people vote him out. Much less trouble. Really.

Punkbuster really is just a waste of energy and time.

My 3 cent...

kama wrote:
> Ive been trying to get to the support for pb for bfv on evenbalance, but
> they have yet to respond to the support request. So I would try here
> instead.
> This is what i've sent to them.
> --- snip ---
> Hi,
> I have installed a server that keeps kicking people with the #10006 error.
> I have read about the problem on the site and you are reffering to OOB. Do
> you have any documentation regarding OOB and how you are using it?
> My server is connected directly to a Cisco 7609 on a FastEthernet port.
> The router is connected with 2*1 Gbps to a backbone. We have looked at the
> configuration and we cannot see anything wrong on the configuration. We
> have enabled the ports to switchports and are using VLAN's to pack the
> ports together to a LAN. The ports and VLAN is configured as basic you can
> get them.
> The clients can connect to other servers just fine, not just ours. Do you
> have any ideas to look for when it comes to this setup?
> My server is atm running FreeBSD 4.10-STABLE, but have also runned FreeBSD
> 5.2.1. linux-base-8 is installed as the linux emulator. The server seems
> to update the .so's just fine. I have even tried with pbweb.x86 to really
> know that its the latest versions for pb.
> I have going through the configs serveral weeks now, and have yet to find
> anything wrong.
> If you need any info, we are more than willing to giving it to you...
> --- snap ---
> Reference for #10006: http://www.punkbuster.com/index.php?page=faq-et.php
> Is there anyone that knows anything I can do? sysctl tweaks? anything I
> can check on the 7609?
> /kama

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