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MessageThe included bf-1942 and bf-v dedicated server system from DICE is
nothing to write home about... what really made it work great was the BBO

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From: Cameron
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Yep must agree Ut is one of the easiest servers to config and run. And with
the webadmin its a dream to remote admin Its a feature thats been built in
since the original UT. Pity more game devs didnt include similar support

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From: Steven Hartland
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Do you want to quantify "I still can't get over the lousy game support on
Although there was an almighty cock-up with the latest patch support from
folks at dice has been pretty good.

If UT games are unstable on ur system I would suggest u look at ur install
/ configs as they run fine here.
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From: Reinder P. Gerritsen
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I still can't get over the lousy game support on BF42. It looked like the
game to take over my HL servers in time... but guess not. Knowing this, I
wouldn't have bought the game in the first place, and seeing
after-release-support on both BF42, BF'nam, and other games delivered by EA,
I'll have a real hard time convincing myself to put my hard earned money in
other games like BF2.

HL2 is pretty good. Seeing client requirements and all the debris flying
about, I never expected this good performance as it is running how.
However much of the rant posted on HARD|OCP is true. Valve goofed a lot not
supplying the SDK to the major admintool creators in advance.
The CS:Source community is now begging for decent admintooling since the
RCON use is rather limited. Guess there's shit all about the gameworld.

Still, Once you got steam running well, it's quite easy maintaining. Atleast
the code trees are the same, so your linux box will stay about nicely after
an update
Also Valve's history of supporting the first Half-Live looks promising...
Though they could and should have done better in reparing the release of the
Source engine.

COD is said to run well, but haven't tried it myself. my experiences with UT
(classic, 2k3 and 2k4) were not much of a happy face to me. Not stable
enough, and though a nice webinterface, it was a bit to picky when installed
on Linux for my use. (it didn't deal well with my SMP kernels)

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