[bf1942] The 1.61 patch

Stefan Engbersen stonex at freebsd.nl
Tue Dec 7 03:24:13 EST 2004


At least you can proof to your boss now, how important a linux server is 
for the popularity of a game.
The delay on the BF1942 linuxserver caused some troubles and we had to 
tell everybody participating
in our leagues, not to upgrade.
I only some server which have upgraded (EAUK etc..) but 90% has not 
Anyway I put my faith in you, hope you can convince your Micro$oft 
minded executable :)


Stefan aka stx

Andreas Fredriksson wrote:

>Hi folks,
>let me give you some background to why the Linux patch is late. The bug
>1.61 fixes is a bug affecting game clients only. The patch was produced
>at the DICE Canada office, and a slip of communication made them forget
>all about the Linux versions. 
>Once the mistake was discovered we had a big problem. We're in the
>middle of a BF2 crunch in Stockholm, my dev boxes are all upgraded for
>BF2 and wouldn't compile BF1942 no matter the amount of force you used.
>Furthermore, to get the Linux codebase compiling in Canada Andy had to
>downgrade his entire environment too and ran it to a series of problems.
>He's up and running now so expect new executables shortly.
>In short, there was a communications mistake and now the Linux server
>has to pay for it in terms of patch turnaround time. It was not a
>deliberate attempt to try to discontinue the Linux server or anything
>like that. I've forwarded my concerns to all parties involved already.
>Andreas Fredriksson
>Programmer, Battlefield II
>"The only thing in life achieved without effort is failure." -- Unknown

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