[bf1942] hmmm.... [OT]

Ian Merwin ian at liontrax.com
Tue Dec 7 01:05:40 EST 2004

Point noted... =( just had a freak out no-hair moment/day...

Your so right... Thanks for putting things in perspective...


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> Have any of you tried some of the other games like Joint operations, 
> Black hawk down, Halo2, Half life2, etc. Whats it like to host them?  
> Are they hogs.. do they have Linux servers? and what about 
> RemoteManagers....

Joint Ops doesn't have a proper console dedicated server mode, nor does 
it have a standalone dedicated server. Ditto Black Hawk Down - they have

to run in some gumby GUI mode. Joint Ops supposedly got a fix to run in 
some console mode but it didn't work in any of our servers - it still 
kept trying to load some part of the video system that wasn't supported 
on our server hardware.

Halo 2 has no dedicated server. Half-Life 2 is ok, if you don't mind 
battling Steam.

> I really think its time to find a new game/company.

What yall gotta realise is that even by merely providing standalone 
win32 dedicated servers, EA/DICE are light years ahead of most other 
developers, many of whom don't even bother to offer a proper dedicated 
server - let alone one you can download freely and independently of the 

Linux is great and all, but we long ago realised that the majority of 
game devs were going to be focusing first (for better or for worse) on 
win32 and have adjusted our game server platform to suit. While it'd be 
great to see game devs getting Linux builds out at all (preferably in 
sync and feature-compatible with their win32 counter-parts), it is 
happening less and less, presumably because it is just too hard/takes 
too long.

If you're waiting for the Linux version then you'll just have to tough 
it out, but for the sake of the rest of us (and for the DICE guys), 
there are probably better ways to express your displeasure about this 
problem, perhaps by mailing EA's support line and encouraging your other

stranded Linux server-admin buddies to do the same.

-- dave 

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