Ian Merwin ian at
Tue Dec 7 00:22:38 EST 2004

I keep checking my inbox for the *Linux patch*....  =(
I am a Clan leader, advid BF42 game player, and server host (Linux of
(I own 3 copies of 42, 1 copy of RTR and 1 copy of SW)
I experimented with vietnam... was not impressed 
My desire to purchase BF2 is seriously dropping every day....
Have any of you tried some of the other games like Joint operations,
Black hawk down, Halo2, Half life2, etc.
Whats it like to host them?  Are they hogs.. do they have Linux servers?
and what about RemoteManagers....
Bummer!  I REALLY like 42... 
but the map glitches that have NEVER been fixed (except by server side
mods - and ppl wont find you unless they deslect *pure*) and the other
items that have already been aired.... and now this whole fiasco..... 
I really think its time to find a new game/company.
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