[bf1942] Linux patch ETA

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Mon Dec 6 18:31:58 EST 2004

Looks like that is the old exploit that was fixed long ago. I think Luigi
haven't posted what is the current exploit yet. 
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On 12/6/2004 3:17 PM, Rick Thompson wrote:
> That is not at issue here. Regardless of how long it took to hack the
> code out it should have been finished and released concurrently with the
> win32 version.
What I find interesting is this:
This page is supposedly by the person who discovered the exploit(s).
Towards the end of the page, we see:
The following is the patches'situation in the moment I'm writing:
  Battlefield 1942.....................FIXED only Linux DS 1.6RC2.
So, uh.. if the issue is already fixed, all the server needs
(theoretically) is to be updated to work with the 1.61 client release..
  I don't see how this could be taking so long, unless there are
additional problems.
So.. what's the deal? Andy? Andreas? I know no-one here is blaming you
guys.. but this sort of problem is much easier to bear if we're kept
informed as to what's going on!
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