[bf1942] Linux patch ETA

Rick Thompson rick at fortweb.com
Mon Dec 6 18:17:12 EST 2004

That is not at issue here. Regardless of how long it took to hack the code 
out it should have been finished and released concurrently with the win32 

Everybody screws up occasionally, I can accept and understand that. What I 
can't understand is why the hell we don't have a patch now, at least five 
days after the original blunder was discovered.

We lost two servers today and I'd be surprised if we didn't lose more, that 
I understand very well.

There has been a shift somewhere in EA because they have never been this 
blatantly indifferent to their userbase before, at least not since we 
started hosting BF. I don't like the signals I am seeing about BF2 nix 
support either, between that and this current patch fiasco I now have zero 
confidence in anything they say.

Is anyone hosting Call of Duty? What's the cpu time like and are there any 
server manager apps for it?


At 12:05 PM 12/5/2004 -0600, you wrote:

>Unless the Linux codebase is a seperate branch....??   I guess that's 
>never been made clear to us.
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