[bf1942] DC server Problems

Cameron cameron at aberdeenlanparty.co.uk
Mon Dec 6 18:07:09 EST 2004

Hi guys im looking for some help. I had major problrms at my last lan party with my DC server. I started the server ok (via BFRSM) and everything seemed ok, I could join and so could a couple of other people but there were people unablr to join getting a Data Differs from Server error. The server then started kicking people and then occasionally crashed and the number of people being barred from joining the server got larger untill I was unable to join getting the same error as everyone else. I made sure everyone was running the BF 1.6 patch and had installed the 0.7 and then the final of DC most were clean installs. I am running Mandrake 10 on a athlon XP2000+ with 512MB RAM does anyone have any Ideas ?



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