bf1942 and bfv amd server

Joseph Sirucka jsirucka at
Sun Dec 5 20:13:42 EST 2004

Hi All

I have a bf1942 and bfv server under linux with a amd XP2600+ processor.

The motherboard I am using is a nforce2 chipset asus board.

I have self compiled a 2.6.9 kernel under debian testing.

No game with or without mods last more than 10 minutes before crashing.

is there some trick to getting these two working under linux with amd, 
never had a problem when running the same config on the previous box a 
p3 800. Other than the bots just being slow and, compared to being fast 
and dumb.

Even without bots it still crashes.

Also as a side note, wanting to make the machine dual boot, what m$$ os 
version should I put on to also run bf1942 and bfv.



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