[bf1942] New update?

Jorrit Schippers jorrit at gameparty.net
Thu Dec 2 05:22:28 EST 2004

I sent an email to Luigi Auriemma concerning his findings:

Jorrit Schippers <jorrit at gameparty.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> I read on the EA page that you found out about a bug in Battlefield 
> 1942 and Vietnam. I looked up your website, and I must say that I'm 
> very impressed about your work in gamesecurity. My question is, can 
> you comment a little further on this security issue? What could be
exploited with it?
> In what situation? I know that you can't be too specific, but I'm sure 
> there is more to say then that it is an "undisclosed exploit", as the 
> EA website reads.
> I hope you can provide me, and the community, with more information,

Hey Jorrit,

I will release the detailed informations Monday probably (so people have all
the time to patch their games and I have already some other bugs to release
in these days).
However the bug is a broadcast client crash bug, so it affects ONLY clients
and not servers.
Info and effects about this special type of bug are here:



Luigi Auriemma

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