[bf1942] New update?

Rick Thompson rick at fortweb.com
Wed Dec 1 18:09:46 EST 2004

I have to agree with that logic, much better to announce it without warning 
after a patch is available.

The only problem is I still haven't seen an announcement on this list and 
it just keeps getting worse. First off it's a security issue then there is 
no nix server patch then the patched client won't run under rc2... when 
exactly are we going to be given a clue?

"Please don't update your possibly exploitable clients if you want to play 
on your server and no, I have no idea when you will be able to." Man, the 
wording for this client mailing is going to take some work :)


At 10:01 PM 12/1/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>If EA would release a test version of the patch and say that the patch
>covers an important security issue, then half the world would look for that
>issue, and perhaps find the problem, and abuse it, because the patch hasn't
>been released to the public. Releasing the news and the patch at the same
>time is the only correct thing to do in cases like these
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