[bf1942] BF1942 patch moaning

Stefan Engbersen stonex at freebsd.nl
Sun Aug 22 11:08:32 EDT 2004

See what Michael provided....
How odd, most of those issues are also bugs in BF:V and Dice Canada and 
Dice Sweden are not working together ?
Or should be seen as a different organisation.
Anyway there are big issues, the most annoying is the reloadbug, which 
should be noticed in the prerelease beta testing, as
well as another few bugs at the list Michael provided.
Some are little and aren't really issues, though its a sum, together 
it's a pretty huge list tbh.

And ofcourse time = money, the fact is things are developed, maps 
(invasion of philipines, coral sea etc..), weapons (DP, Johnson etc..)
where the community never asked for, for example the soundbug was 
already reported in 1.5, a lot of people wanted to see it fixed, but
instead of getting that fixed, we get a bunch of new weapons and a sucky 
way too big map, where we haven't asked for.
Also this WWII mod for BF:V... What's this for ? They could have easily 
invested this time in fixing major bugs in BF1942 or even BF:V.

I dont give a damn about money, it's just I want to see this game live 
on and don't die after 2 years, it's one of the nicest, tight, mature gaming
communities out there, if you ask me.
Anyway, I don't know the hierarchy between EA and Dice, so I just blame 
them both :)


Stefan aka stx

Steven Hartland wrote:

>Ok enough peps. Yes you may love your game but dice / ea aren't in it solely
>to make you happy. They have been very active and produced you up to
>1.6. Yes there are outstanding issues but this will ALWAYS be the case.
>Its simple economics. Developers are expensive beasties and some
>people seem to think that they are not. Yes you have paid your money
>but yes you have had your moneys worth IMO so quit the moaning.
>Those that are saying they wont buy BF2 when its released due to the
>"lack of support for bf1942" are frankly liars. They may not buy it if its a bad
>game yes, but if it is they will be their trust me.
>By all means put a list together of outstanding issues that you would
>like to see solved. This doesn't mean that they will be fixed but a concise
>list of major issues ( not sill little things or enhancements ) may help.
>    Steve / K
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