[bf1942] What's happening DICE?

Michael Zimmerman michael.w.zimmerman at marquette.edu
Thu Apr 22 13:47:39 EDT 2004

RE: [bf1942] What's happening DICE?We run straight conquest mode.  We used to run the full retail map list with no special additions.  We have since cut down a few of the duplicates, like Hue, due only to our preference.
Below is our server settings file, hopefully I have removed passwords and what not.  This file comes from the blackbagops manager so ignore the manager. settings.  

We do have punkbuster enabled as well.

Hope this helps,
game.serverName "IJSMP"


manager.bindAllIntefaces 0

game.serverPort 15567

manager.consolePort 4711

game.gameSpyPort 23000

game.gameSpyLANPort 22000

game.ASEPort 14690

game.serverMaxPlayers 40

game.setServerWelcomeMessage 0 "Welcome_to_the_IJSMP_BF:V_Server!"

game.serverInternet 1

game.serverBandwidthChokeLimit 0

game.serverMaxAllowedConnectionType CTModem56Kbps

game.serverCoopCPU 50

game.serverPassword ""

game.serverNumberOfRounds 2

game.serverGameTime 60

game.serverScoreLimit 0

game.serverTicketRatio 75

game.objectiveAttackerTicketsMod 100

game.serverCoopAISkill 50

game.serverAlliedTeamRatio 1

game.serverAxisTeamRatio 1

game.serverSpawnTime 13

game.serverGameStartDelay 5

manager.gravity 0

physics.gravity -4

admin.timeBeforeRestartMap 5

game.serverSoldierFriendlyFire 50

game.serverSoldierFriendlyFireOnSplash 50

game.serverVehicleFriendlyFire 100

game.serverVehicleFriendlyFireOnSplash 100

game.serverKickback 1.00

game.serverKickbackOnSplash 0.25

game.serverTKPunishMode 0

admin.banPlayerOnTKKick 0

admin.nrOfTKToKick 4

admin.spawnDelayPenaltyForTK 1.0

manager.autoKickScore 1

manager.autoKickScoreValue -6

manager.autoBan 0

manager.autoBanValue 3

admin.enableKickPlayerVote 1

admin.enableMapVote 1

admin.enableKickTeamPlayerVote 1

game.serverAutoBalanceTeams 0

admin.votingTime 60

admin.voteMapMajority 0.60

admin.voteKickPlayerMajority 0.60

admin.voteKickTeamPlayerMajority 0.60

game.serverExternalViews 1

game.serverAllowNoseCam 1

game.serverFreeCamera 1

game.serverHitIndication 1

game.serverNameTagDistance 35

game.serverNameTagDistanceScope 35

manager.smartBalance 1

manager.smartBalanceValue 3

game.serverDeathCameraType 0

game.serverCrosshairCenterpoint 0

admin.enableRemoteConsole <REMOVED>

manager.consoleUsername <REMOVED>

admin.enableRemoteAdmin <REMOVED>

manager.consolePassword <REMOVED>

game.serverNumReservedSlots 0

game.serverReservedPassword ""

manager.monitorTimerPeriod 30

manager.autoKickPing 1

manager.autoKickPingValue 300

manager.highPingWarnings 1

manager.autoKickName 0

manager.autoAnnounce 1

manager.autoAnnouncePeriod 60

game.serverEventLogging 1

game.serverEventLogCompression 1

manager.statCollection 1

manager.statFilePath "statistics.csv"

game.serverPunkBuster 0

manager.banInBFandPB 0

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  > I know this isn't immediately helpful to those with crashes, 
  > but I run a linux server which cycles through all of the maps 
  > and have not had a single crash to date.  I've been running 
  > the server since the game release.  I've run the server on 
  > two different machines with no problems (besides the lag). If 
  > anyone would like to compare notes on configurations or 
  > system setup I'd be happy to try to help.  Obviously if this 
  > is a bug in the software there is nothing that we can do, but 
  > since the server works fine on some platforms it may be 
  > related to something else. 

  So, what's different between your set ups? 

  Michael, are you using the full retail map list?  Any additional maps? 
  Luke?  Same questions. 

  Stock settings?  Heavily modified settings?  Mixed map modes?  OverlayPath? 
  Luke, is it crashing on the same map (or maps) in the mapcycle? 

  More information is a good thing. 



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