[bf1942] crashing on map change.... HELP!

luke at techfreak.org luke at techfreak.org
Thu Apr 22 08:13:47 EDT 2004

Man, that stinks. Nothing like a good ol fashioned Blue screen o'
death the bring joy to gamers.

On a (very) serious note:, this (obvioulsy) is a show stopper for
us, our clan and several other servers I manage. Have there been any
discussions about ways to mitigate this problem? any suggestions?
Old threads that I might review?

Or, is this just something that some servers suffer under and no
solution has been found?


> Confirmed we get that here as well but not limited to BFV BF1942
> also has the same problem.
>     Steve / K
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>> Hey all,
>> My BFV server is crashing on map change (not every time, but very
>> frequently) - the server loads the new maps splash screen, then
>> screen goes black, server locks up and all players are kicked
>> (some
>> have their own PC's lock up at this time as well).
>> I have scoured teh forums at lightcubed and see that this is an
>> issue for other BF servers running various *NIX flavours. Has
>> anyone
>> found a fix for this? Any ideas on things Im doing that might
>> cause
>> this? Please help if you can.....
>> Luke
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