[bf1942] What's happening DICE?

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Thanks Andreas for the information. Please, tell them that, at least, would
be nice if they inform us with anything. At least a: "we're reading the
forum and we're working on the bugs...." or something like that 

There's a bug list on the forum Christoph, and you can see there some of the
bugs reported by us, and some of them are confirmed.
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Nice, so he can maybe also tell us if they plan to include some commands
to change "game." vars without a server restart (password,
nrofrounds,ticketratio.. and so on).
And in general, is there a bug-list for all known bfv dedicated server
Am 22.4.2004 schrieb "Andreas Fredriksson"
<andreas.fredriksson at dice.se>:
>The DICE Canada office is working on updating the BF:Vietnam codebase, so
>work has not stopped.
>I'm not working with BF:Vietnam myself so I can't comment on their progress
>but I know they're working hard. Andy from the Canada office can fill you
>on the details.
>// Andreas
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>> What's going on with the servers right now? Any chance of an
>> update to
>> fix the problems with the BFV server? It's been very quiet on
>> this list
>> lately (virus emails aside). Has work stopped entirely on the current
>> server code in favour of BF2 or something? Would be nice to
>> know where
>> we stand as far as getting stuff fixed..
>> Cheers,
>> James
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