[bf1942] 1.5 patch news from EA

ScratchMonkey ScratchMonkey at SewingWitch.com
Sat Sep 27 22:24:22 EDT 2003

--On Saturday, September 27, 2003 6:53 PM -0700 Mike <stuff at dustsmoke.com> 

> I wonder why fixing all these EASY client side hacks aren't in the news.
> (no/low fog, radar of both teams, no breathing on sniper, health and armor
> view, infinite distance tag view, and accuracy)
> Seems like if they aren't ever going to fix it, they should just give up
> and add those options to everybodys client so it can be even again. It's
> ridiculous how many people are doing it.

I've been having one lately where in some busy areas I can't switch weapons 
or switch from prone to standing. The animation cycles and then I return to 
the previous state, like the packet isn't getting to the server. Once 
again, keyboard handling sucks.

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