[bf1942] config hints?

Bill Cuffley bcuffley at netarus.com
Fri Sep 26 11:01:51 EDT 2003

And make sure that internet setting is set to 1


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enable port 22000 for lan or port 23000 for internet
grab the latest version on http://bf1942.lightcubed.com/

On 26 Sep 2003 at 10:14, vgulas at colnasprava.sk wrote:

> Hi. 
> I need help. 
> I have installed the server, i have configured the server
configuration script. 
> The server is runnig but i can't connect any client to the server. 
> I can't see my server from client. 
> Firewall is configured > allow all connection to the 14567 UDP port. 
> Installed version is bf1942_lnxded-1.4-openbeta4 RH 9.0 
> Thanks 
>        Vladimir from Slovakia. 

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