[bf1942] CD Key Hash

James Gurney james at globalmegacorp.org
Sun Sep 21 02:52:07 EDT 2003

Chad Rose wrote:

> Didn't mean to offend you with the language used or lack of grammar..
> whatever... was basically quoting a french canadian programmer that is a
> friend of mine...  seemed important to him because he had thought they were
> cd keys... which I never looked into... and in which you could have just
> pointed out the fact that they were not instead of having to reply like a
> know it all and master of this list... I read this list... but with the
> general attitudes of some, the flaming responses, and people with such
> outstanding wits as yours.... I will never attempt to post here again... so
> you will have no worries about having to waste your precious time in
> replying.... I apologize....

If you think that was a flame then you have very thin skin. That was not 
a flame response but if you took it as one, I apologise. My point was, 
it was very hard to understand exactly what point was trying to be made 
in the email, and comments like "I hope you die on the spot", whether 
serious or not, are not exactly constructive and not the sort of thing 
you include in a mail if you want people to take you seriously. You'll 
also note that I said that if you were quoting someone else (which I 
suspected, and you confirmed), then never mind. If you would like to 
continue this discussion off list, by all means email me.

At any rate, it's not the CD key, so there's nothing to worry about.


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