[bf1942] DC 0.4

Big Daddy EBK bigdaddyebk at ricochet.com
Tue Sep 16 15:57:20 EDT 2003

Thanks for the lovely linux server support, everyone!! Running my game
server on FreeBSD 4.7


"Unix" for Longevity
"AS/400" for Nostalgia
"Linux" for Productivity
"MAC" for Multimedia
"Windows" for Solitaire 

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Full server package should now be fixed (it works for me, anyway). The 
download link is the same:


And the incremental patch:



Bill Cuffley wrote:
> I haven't been able to get it working on my install, but then again, 
> I've had some difficulties since I've upgraded my bf server to 1.45. 
> With your DC package, the server will simply die, no message, no 
> nothing.

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