[bf1942] Map Crashing still on 1.45 ob2

James Gurney james at globalmegacorp.org
Tue Sep 9 12:27:58 EDT 2003

Lee Latham wrote:
> Erm, well, I finally got another crash, but have no core file....and 
> erm, I don't know how to increase the core file size limit (which I 
> guess is set to zero).

ulimit -c unlimited

Incidentally, I've been seeing crashing on map change which simply 
doesn't create a core file. Specifically with DC, Inshallah valley would 
often cause the server to crash with no core. I still get other crashes 
which do produce core files, but that one didn't (and it's happened 
several times too) I've taken that map out of rotation for now.


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