[bf1942] Map Crashing still on 1.45 ob2

InCisT InCisT at Popsikle.net
Fri Sep 5 23:41:48 EDT 2003

InCisT wrote:
> Its not saving a core dump. Im using the same script To restart it as i
> was before, and that saved core dumps.  Im using the Static Version on
> Red Hat 7.2 Kernel 2.4.20.  I run CaffineLAN Bf Pacific Maps, Its really
> Sad to see 0/30 all the time when I used to see 30/30.  Im moving my
> core buisness to Game Servers, and this was my flagship server.  I moved
> my whole settings dir over from ob7, hopefully thats not causing the 
> issues.
> Andreas Fredriksson wrote:
>> Bump up the core file limit, compress the core file and mail that to me
>> with a note if you were running the dynamic or static binary and as much
>> information as possible about the conditions. Where you running a mod?
>> Where you doing anything funky with the configuration? What kernel
>> version are you running?
>> That's the best way. If there's no core file even though you set the
>> core file limit to unlimited the configuration doesn't allow the server
>> to start. This might be because you run an invalid map for a mod or
>> similar.
>> // Andreas
Couldn't find bf running, reloading...
./start.sh: using statically linked binary
Bf1942 Error: Debug assertion failed!

Line: 0

Text: Level init.con file not found:bf1942/levels/iwo_jiam/Init.con

Current confile:

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