[bf1942] Map Crashing still on 1.45 ob2

Big Daddy EBK bigdaddyebk at ricochet.com
Thu Sep 4 16:11:23 EDT 2003

>anyone else still getting  a server crash at map change? I have a
>that crashes on or about the 2nd map change sometimes when there is a
>house sometimes not.

>RedHat 7.3 and BF 1.45 fresh install that was patched to the 1.45ob2


I'm definitely having game server crashes during a map change.
It even does it when my server is empty (which is most of the time).

Running FreeBSD4.7 (Linux Base 7.1_1) & BF1942 v1.45(pacthed with
1.45ob2) updated from v1.4 ob7.

As I look at more logs, seem as though my server crashed even with the
v1.4 ob7 files too!!


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