[bf1942] 1.45 server using significantly more CPU than 1.40?

--=*dD*|Campino=-- campino at divine-devils.de
Thu Sep 4 00:54:22 EDT 2003

Hello --=*dD*|Campino=--,

Thursday, September 4, 2003, 6:45:15 AM, you wrote:

dC> Hello Andrew,

dC> Wednesday, September 3, 2003, 11:54:51 PM, you wrote:

Av>> Yea I've noticed this a little too..

Av>> My idle bf1942_lnxded process uses 30% CPU with 0 players in it.. where as
Av>> before it really didn't use any.

dC> I can't confirm that

dC> Out server uns on a AMD XP2000+ with SuSe 7.1 and it's idle CPU usage
dC> with 0 players playing according to top is 0.0%

I did a mistake :)
It's SuSE 7.2 with kernel 2.4.19

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