[bf1942] Announcement: 1.5 linux server available

Scum scumbucket at cox.net
Fri Oct 31 07:35:24 EST 2003

Is BF 1.5 compatable with Desert Combat?

Or should we wait for DC .5 to come out before switching to BF1.5?

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Great!, and the full patch is out too, however an issue has resurfaced,
and we got a pretty dramatic demonstration of it just before, the Crash
to Desktop problem. Xtra (my ISP here in New Zealand) have set up a 64
player server running just Invasion of the Philippines (great map btw!)
that is proving very popular, and when I was in there the player count
was at 59 people when sudden boom! crash to desktop. I checked the
server, and 35 people (including myself) were simultaneously dumped out
of the game, and back to desktop. No error message, BF just disappears.
To me this says the CTD problem is network related. The server was linux
(running on debian). This is not the first time its happened (CTD's have
been around since patch 1.30 IIRC), however people are commenting in
local forums on the number of CTD's they are getting with this patch, it
seems the problem has got worse.

There has been plenty of previous occasions that I know of with CTD's
that multiple people have been dumped from a server, however this was
the worst I have seen.

Linux server related? Possibly. Needs to be fixed!


Andreas Fredriksson wrote:

>the linux version of the 1.5 dedicated server is available from the
>section at http://bf1942.lightcubed.com.
>1.5 mostly a content patch but also fixes the annoying cd swapping bug.
>The Linux server is mostly unchanged but I've tweaked the way the static
>binary is linked and hopefully it should work better.
>The XPack2 (Secret Weapons) files are included, as is the new Invasion of
>the Philippines map.
>Please note that this is a very early release, the win32 version is due out
>sometime this week but since I'm out of the office the rest of this week we
>decided it was a good idea to post the Linux version today.. :-)
>Have fun!
>Andreas Fredriksson
>Digital Illusions CE Sthlm AB
>Maria Skolgata 83, 5tr
>S-118 53 Stockholm

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