[bf1942] What no goodbye

Martin Steiger martin at steigi.com
Thu Oct 23 03:11:59 EDT 2003

Quotes are from several emails

> Furthermore, I thought his beef was the remarkable similarities between
> his product and one that DICE was making in-house (screwing him over
> rather than him screwing us over).
> I guess if the similarities between his product and DICE's are enough,
> people will probably start using theirs?

First of all, it wasn't DICE who made this "Remote Manager". It was a
hosting-company which was offering this tool for servers they rented. They
wrote on their page something about "official RM", but this was not related
with DICE or EA! Tobias Andersson from DICE cleared this in the BBO-Forums.

>> Kevin would have replied to this, but someone took him off
>> this list and moderated new signups, so he cant signup anymore.
> Wow, if substantiated that would be pretty messed up...

I can imagine, why he's not on this list anymore...

Quote (from the BBO-forums): "DICE/EA had some problems with Ryan Gordon
and that was the reason why they didn't hire me..."

> I would have to agree.  First thing I thought when I heard he was stopping
> the development of his tool was why he didn't make it a pay for program.

Because he said, he couldn't make a living with it... He wanted DICE to buy
it or to hire him. At the moment I'm thinking, he just wanted to stop it
and was looking for a "good reason"...

>> He can whine all he want, he will not get any sympathy out
>> of me or the rest of my server admins, the clans I rent servers too, the
>> lanners at the party's i throw or anything of the sort.

He's not whining! Somehow I understand his frustration. It is true DICE/EA
should have made something like this from the beginning. It is true, that
the support for the BFRM was excellent and I can imaging this took a hell
of time! But, as stated in the BBO forums, why he didn't look for some
admins which are willing to help him our with the support? It wouldn't take
so much time for him anymore and I'm sure, there are enough admins.

Even if I don't like the way it went and I don't agree with some of
his "attidudes", I'm more than thankful for this great tool he made and I
hope, it will still work a long time... :) Let's hope, he'll find the fun
in gaming again!


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