[bf1942] What no goodbye

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Wed Oct 22 16:30:14 EDT 2003

i would like to say that the original post was more of a i wonder what's
then an invitation to bag someone,i think the work he has done is A1

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> I would have to agree.  First thing I thought when I heard he was stopping
> the development of his tool was why he didn't make it a pay for program.
> I'd be willing to pay around 50 bucks for it, and perhaps even a yearly
> subscription type deal for updates if it were affordable.  His tool is
> so useful and easy...  However, as soon as you require people to pay for
> something, a whole new set of problems present themselves.  So I don't
> him at all, and I hope his little vacation helps him find his love of
> again.  I know I have to step back occasionally so I don't get too bored
> with things.  :)
> So to get back on the list topic 'a bit'...anyone know of any projects
> starting that might eventually fill the void that will be left in the
> toolbox??
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> why do i suspect you've never created (useful) software before?
> I personally think simply turning it into a pay-for product would have
> reasonable, and surely would net several grand, if not more.
> At 02:27 PM 10/22/2003 -0400, you wrote:
> >This is off topic, but here is my take. He got the community addicted to
> >something, because it was good, then bitched becuase nobody would buy it
> >from him. I see it as one of those sites that start off free, then make
> >you pay for stuff. Thats the true spirit of the internet right? Fucking
> >people over?  He can whine all he want, he will not get any sympathy out
> >of me or the rest of my server admins, the clans I rent servers too, the
> >lanners at the party's i throw or anything of the sort.
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