[bf1942] What no goodbye

Stewart, John johns at artesyncp.com
Wed Oct 22 12:09:09 EDT 2003

> Don't bash the guy, your negative remarks and all the nagging included
> is one of the reasons he gave up on this project.  It wasn't fun
> anymore.  This guy did a lot for the community, so let's 
> appreciate what
> he did, versus complain about him removing what wouldn't even exist
> without him. (IMHO)

This is the first I've said on the subject. My remarks had NOTHING to do
with the situation.

I've written "free" software before... the most closely related thing I did
was a load-balancing plugin for AdminMod for Counter-Strike servers. It
wasn't near the project that the BBO stuff was, but when I got sick of it, I
didn't take it all away. It's *still* available for download on my site
(open source, too).

Kevin surely did a great service to the bf1942 community, and through this
bruhahah I've not taken any sides, or done any "bashing" as you say. What
"nagging" he received, he brought on himself by making Valve out to be the
Bad Guys.

I understand how he would be disappointed that they weren't willing to work
with him, or have him work for them. On the other hand, I think it is a
little silly for him to think that what they did is in any way unusual or
unexpected. Why pay for something they can do for free? Such is life.... how
many companies have gone under as Microsoft replaces their functionality?
Would you like to still have to use Trumpet Winsock to get on the Internet,
or is it a Good Thing that TCP/IP is included with Windows now?

But this latest move smacks of the kid with the football taking it home
because the other kids won't let him play quarterback. Why not let people
still use his utilities, and excellent bf1942 information, even if he
doesn't support them anymore?


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