CD key hashes

James Gurney james at
Tue Oct 21 03:51:14 EDT 2003

This is really directed to Andreas, but if anyone else has any ideas, 
feel free to chime in :)

Is there any way we can find out the algorithm used to generate the CD 
key hash? Is it a straight md5sum of the player's CD key? If so, it 
would be possible to enable users to find out their hash so we can then 
link bans with players (ie, by telling them: take your CD key, md5 it, 
then tell me what the md5 is). This is kind of a problem with my server 
right now - if we want to unban someone there's no way to know which 
entry to remove.. The only way to do it is to get them to join our 
second server, remove all bans, then ban them, then look at the 
resulting banlist.con, which is hardly useful.

Any temporary solution to this would be handy - at least until there's a 
way to log the CD key information.



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