[bf1942] windows vs linux

-=Psykoral=- psykoral at comcast.net
Sun Oct 19 13:24:53 EDT 2003

We're using the onboard nForce2 MCP networking controller.  One of the
machines has a mobo with an onboard Intel gigabit NIC, so we use that on
that machine.
Perhaps I should have mentioned *CPU spikes* as well.  i.e. for some
change periods, hlds_l shoots up to 70% of CPU..

No problems with Q3-based server code, and even bf1942 behaves itself
of the time.


Wow, that aint right... I've never seen Half life spike the CPU
At 70%, not EVEN at map change... infact I start all my servers
At the same time, so they end up changing maps at the same time...
The highest I've ever seen it spike was 56% and that was 4 servers
Changing maps at the same time.

I know you said it happends on different machines, but defintly
Get the nforce chipset update from Nvidia if you haven't already.
I've seen allot of issues with those boards in particular.


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