[bf1942] windows vs linux

Tristan Gulyas zardoz at shafted.com.au
Sun Oct 19 01:39:40 EDT 2003

(slightly off topic, but still on-topic, in a way...)

*time to delurk*

> Right now I have
> 2 Desert Combat servers (running on the latest bf1942_linux build)
> A True Combat server, Medal of Honor server and 4 Counter Strike servers
> And the machine isn't even budging...

What sort of specs?  CPU, mobo? How much RAM? SCSI, Serial ATA or IDE?

We run lots of servers in a LAN environment.  That means that we're always
running our servers at close to full capacity for competitions and so on.
Our server platform is Linux on nForce2 systems with ATA disks.

We've found we can't run more than two 12 player CS servers on an Athlon
2500+/512MB/40GB without them chugging and having random ping spikes.  Mind
you, on a LAN, and dealing with fussy CS competition players, the backlash
of such a situation is terrible.

Interestingly enough, I get pings of around 6-7 on an empty CS server on
these machines when running Windows on the sever.  Boot into Linux, and the
ping becomes 18.  Oh, might I add - we had no trouble running four CS
servers per machine at our most recent LAN with each server at full load
under Windows.  Yeah, it was swapping a little, but we got the job done -
and no lag spikes!

I love Linux for the ease of administration and management but it seems that
*something* just isn't up to scratch here.

Am I doing something wrong?

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