[bf1942] bfsmd

Scum scumbucket at cox.net
Fri Oct 10 21:26:55 EDT 2003

I agree!

The crashing appears to be server issues and not bfsmd. Tested it with and
without bfsmd and it still crashes after about 6 to 12 hours. Kevin from
Blackops has been very helpful in troubleshooting bfsmd problems, so I think
its a BF DC Server problem.

P4 2.4/1gig/RH 9.0/
1 24 player BF DC
1 20 player CS1.6

I often wonder if CS and DC just do not work well together in the same box.
Ever since STEAM came out CS is just not the same.

Anyone running CS & BF on together on Linux?


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> I tried it, but there were several issues that kept commin up under BSD.
> One was the management tool not being able to connect more than once,
> and the other was the daemon couldn't restart the server. when it
> crashed, it went into a loop.

Those where all fixed iirc but the server crashing is down to the server
not bfsmd so nothing the man at blackops can do about it.

    Steve / K

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