[bf1942] A short status update

Kevin Lockitt kevlar at blackbagops.com
Wed Oct 8 09:50:47 EDT 2003

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Instead of loughing I would like to see how to unsubscribe from this
list. I'm not playing BF42 anymore, so my interest in this list is

thanks in advance!


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  Hi list,

  it's been pretty quiet from me lately. This is because I'm working
very hard
  on an
  upcoming patch (win32/linux).

  The next update (1.5) will be built on the "old" codebase--it's mostly
  content update.

  For the update following it there are lots of goodies for server
  administrator and
  I've personally overhauled nearly all of the codebase to plug memory
  code which might have caused problems and improve overall stability.

  Also COOP will be back in the update following 1.5 for you die-hards
  want to play
  against bots :-)

  So if you find me unresponsive wrt. bug reports in the 1.45 server
  don't despair;
  there are better things coming up in the future.

  The update following 1.5 will aim at a release candidate procedure
where I
  will try to
  stabilize the server enough to remove the beta sticker--if you feel
  something has to
  be addressed please make your voice heard over at the forums:

  I'll keep you posted when it's time to announce further plans.

  See you on the battlefield,

  Andreas Fredriksson
  Digital Illusions CE Sthlm AB
  Maria Skolgata 83, 5tr
  S-118 53 Stockholm
  andreas.fredriksson at dice.se

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