[bf1942] Logging chat

Martin Steiger martin at steigi.com
Wed Oct 8 06:04:29 EDT 2003

> sounds great! so long as (of course) that it does not include stuff
> like Tard Exhibit A spamming "Requesting a pickup!" 10,000 times...

As far as I know, these messages are already logged in the xml-files, we're
speaking about player-messages here.

Andreas: I know, the logs are not high priority but would it be possible to
set some parameters, to set the level of logging, e.g. like:
log only score events = 1
log standard events = 2 (enterVehicle, pickupKit, beginHeal etc.)
log radio commands = 4
log player chat = 8

And then you would set game.serverEventLogging 7 to have all score-,
standard-events and radio commands? Would this make sense at all? :)


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