Debian testing 2.6-test9 problems

Ferron ferron at
Mon Nov 24 14:52:59 EST 2003


just installed it. It the standart kernel which u can get with dpkg

Linux fps 2.6.0-test9-1-386 #1 Sun Oct 26 22:32:52 EST 2003 i686 GNU/Linux
Gnu C                  3.3.2
Gnu make               3.80
util-linux             2.12
mount                  2.12
module-init-tools      0.9.15-pre3
e2fsprogs              1.35-WIP
pcmcia-cs              3.1.28
Linux C Library        2.3.2
Dynamic linker (ldd)   2.3.2
Procps                 3.1.14
Net-tools              1.60
Console-tools          0.2.3
Sh-utils               5.0
root at fps:/etc/init.d# ulimit

the bf1942 binary is starting  but
nothing happens, even no core dump...

its the

the dynamic one starts one thread and dies
no core

ideas ?

ferron at

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