[bf1942] Help installing

Graham Ferguson grahamferguson01 at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 22 13:15:33 EST 2003


I don't have an IP field, this is my ServerSettings.con file: 

game.serverGameStartDelay 20 
game.serverGameRoundStartDelay 10 
game.serverSoldierFriendlyFire 100 
game.serverVehicleFriendlyFire 100 
game.serverTicketRatio 100 
game.serverAlliedTeamRatio 1 
game.serverAxisTeamRatio 1 
game.serverCoopAiSkill 75 
game.serverCoopCpu 20 
game.serverName "XxXXxXxX" 
game.serverDedicated 1 
game.serverGamePlayMode GPM_CQ 
game.serverGameTime 0 
game.serverMaxPlayers 16 
game.serverScoreLimit 0 
game.serverInternet 1 
game.serverNumberOfRounds 3 
game.serverSpawnTime 20 
game.serverSpawnDelay 3


As far as I'm aware the game.serverIP field is provided in the
ServerManager.con file and that's only used by bf manager (which I can't use
at mo).


Any ideas?



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I think if you go to "bf1942\mods\BF1942\Settings" folder and look in the
ServerSettings folder you can change the IP number by changing the 


to the IP Address you want.


Hope this helps

Waylander :)

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Hi peeps,

I'm installing a BF1942 for some clanners. I've connected to their box using
SSH (putty) and downloaded the linux server including bsmd. 

The server runs but the IP is; apparently bsmd allows you to change
this. I haven't got permission to put bsmd in the bin directory so I assume
I can't use bsmd right this second.

Without using bsmd, how would I change the IP to the box's IP?

Obviously this is all new to me 



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