[bf1942] game play mode switching?

Christopher Kunz chrislist at de-punkt.de
Thu Nov 20 06:23:14 EST 2003

Andreas Fredriksson wrote:

> Running both XP1 and XP2 isn't supported with pre-1.6.
> // Andreas

Since before 1.5 it wasn't even possible without switching CDs
client-side, that would've been pointless anyway.

However, it sounds like 1.6 will be a major milestone release - perhaps
the first non-beta BF linux server? :)

What we are still missing is usable debug logging output to stderr -
something between the constant spamming of the early days and the
informative, but spartanic statusMonitor.

And what about logging in-game chat? I recall it has been brought up
before, but cannot recall what the status was.


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