[bf1942] Control server by command line interpreter?

Mario Benito Ríos mariob at menta.net
Wed Nov 19 14:23:59 EST 2003

Thank you, but that is the curses solution that is not of use for me,
since it's pretty difficult to parse the output since:

1) Server is continuously printing the current fps.
2) For each command issued, server replies with the full command log up
to the moment.

It seems there is no way to get a simple output, with info about what is
happening in the server (please, don't tell me about the log file. I'm
not looking for that).


> -----Mensaje original-----
> De: James Gurney [mailto:james at globalmegacorp.org] 
> Start the game with +statusMonitor 1 on the command line. I run it 
> inside screen so I can connect via ssh and then 'screen -r' to get 
> straight into the console.

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