[bf1942] Anti cheat tool

Alex SantaHomer at web.de
Wed Nov 19 00:32:46 EST 2003

Hi Jon,

i must say to you, if someone hides in Fog i shoot again and again (e.g. with plane) and i say 50% of all Trys are sucessfull.

Thats not right i think, !!IF!! there is something to do, it must make EA or Dice.

Cheats are bad, but the BF42 Cheats arent so bad as the CounterStrike Cheats.

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  Well as far as cheating goes, were working on something special over at

  We setup a XML stats page, and found out that the XML logs the xyz
  coordinates of each killer and their corresponding victim.  Each map has the
  fog distance stored inside it as a #, so, we take each set of coordinates,
  and if the kill is continuously over the foglimit throughout the round, said
  person is cheating.

  In the next version of the stats program, it will log that persons cd hash,
  and we will code it so if someone consistently has so many kills out of the
  fog range, it will autoban them :)

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  > Lance Woollett wrote:
  > > Not really relevant to linux server discussion however is it :)
  > >
  > > -Ba'alzaman
  > I think it's perfectly relevant, from the context of finding out if DICE
  > have plans to include cheat prevention techniques in the server code.
  > It's certainly more relevant than discussing how to get the BF client
  > working in Wine (for example).
  > James

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