[bf1942] Linus server mem/cpu usage

InCisT InCisT at popsikle.net
Thu Nov 13 17:10:24 EST 2003

Drew Broadley wrote:
>>In my linux, BF is using 60 Mb of memory.
>>It easily used 40% CPU in my P4 2.4 Ghz when it's full (24 players).
>>It's much more CPU intensive than Counter-Strike. Memory 
>>usage is about the same.
> I've just left the hlds_linux server list, because of pathetic CPU
> performance from their servers.
> I'll be focusing on my BF1942 servers, and believe me.. they run MUCH
> better.
> - Drew
Actually, no. Bf1942 runs about 60-70% of a 2gig chip for a full 40 
player server. It uses around 10-12 megs of ram per player once it gets 
full.  CS is NOWHERE near that.  BF is a hog, much worse then any other 
games, except the linux dedi of CoD (which has a confirmed memory leak). 
   Andreas/exon any news on the 1.6 server? You had mentioned a code 
rework, is it possible that the dedi wont be SUCH a resource whore?


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