AW: [bf1942] capital/small letters on 1.5 lnxded server

Martin Steiger martin at
Mon Nov 10 11:44:17 EST 2003

Have a look at the directories. DC 0.5 came with a directory named "Level"
while I believe BFSMD is looking for "level"...

At least that's what I had to change...


ps: you'll find many posts about this in the forums

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2003-11-10 10:36:08 : Battlefield 1942 Dedicated Server Manager v2.0 beta 3j
2003-11-10 10:36:08 : Started under Linux thecove 2.4.20-20.9 #1 Mon Aug 18
11:45:58 EDT 2003 i686
2003-11-10 10:36:08 : Couldn't detect available maps! No such file or
directory (2)
2003-11-10 10:36:08 : Couldn't determine available maps!

This is what I am getting now with .5 it worked great with the previous DC
Release and 1.45 but not with .5 DC

Anyone have any ideas?


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