[bf1942] capital/small letters on 1.5 lnxded server

KLM - 515TEM klemen at 515TEM.com
Mon Nov 10 01:16:43 EST 2003

BFSMD works just fine.

I was also having problems, but than I just deleted the original
ServerSettings.con and let BFSMD to work with his own serversettings.con and
serverautoexec.con. So the main problem was mixing the two files.

Just delete the wone with the Capital...


P.S.: First make a backup copy. I don't want to brake your hart.   ;)


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Subject: Re: [bf1942] capital/small letters on 1.5 lnxded server
> What do you mean exactly?
> I noticed that they changed back from small letters
> (serversettings.con) to capital letters (ServerSettings.con)
> That's the reason why the BFSMD is not working anymore :(
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