[bf1942] DesertCombat DS

Big Daddy EBK bigdaddyebk at ricochet.com
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Here you go!!



"Unix" for Longevity
"AS/400" for Nostalgia
"Linux" for Productivity
"MAC" for Multimedia
"Windows" for Solitaire 

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dunno if this is relavent or not but.....since blackbag opps forum is no
more...does anyone know of a site with good install directions for
1.5??been awhile and ill make mistakes unless i can see the steps...

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>Can you please ensure you change the subject to something relevant 
> Steve / K 
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>From: "Daniel Valois" 
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>Subject: RE: [bf1942] Work around for 1.5 under FreeBSD 
> > DesertCombat Beta 0.5 will also have dedicated server versions
> > for both Windows and Linux. 
> > 
> > Thanks to Paul 'Stealth97' Uppal for making the server builds, and 
> > Thanks to Kugelfutter for making the strip rfa's tool 
> > 
> > http://www.desertcombat.com/ 

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